Clinical Imaging of Spinal Trauma

Clinical Imaging of Spinal Trauma

A Case-Based Approach

Rumboldt, Zoran

Cambridge University Press






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Part I. Normal Variants and Mimickers: 1. Vascular channels Zoran Rumboldt; 2. Pars defects Eytan Raz and Zoran Rumboldt; 3. Unfused C1 arches Russel Chapin; 4. Ponticulus posticus Russel Chapin and Zoran Rumboldt; 5. Os Odontoideum Russel Chapin and Zoran Rumboldt; 6. Limbus vertebra Russel Chapin; 7. Nuchal ligament ossification Russel Chapin; 8. CT motion artifacts Alessandro Cianfoni; Part II. Recommendations, Pitfalls and Controversies: 9. When and how to scan Vikas Agarwal; 10. Role of plain films Gregory A. Vorona and Eytan Raz; 11. CT streak artifacts Zoran Rumboldt; 12. MRI after a negative CT Stephen R. Love and Stephen P. Kalhorn; 13. Stable and unstable injuries Abhay Varma and Alessandro Cianfoni; 14. Whiplash injury Abhay Varma and Stephen P. Kalhorn; 15. Findings likely to be missed Zoran Rumboldt; Part III. Trauma to Uncompromised Spine: 16. Simple compression fracture Hrvoje Vavro; 17. Occipital condyle fracture Russel Chapin and Hrvoje Vavro; 18. C1 lateral mass fracture Doris Dodig; 19. Anterior or posterior atlas fractures Doris Dodig and Zoran Rumboldt; 20. Odontoid fractures types 1 and 3 Doris Dodig and Abhay Varma; 21. Unilateral facet dislocation Zoran Rumboldt; 22. Isolated fracture of the lamina Zoran Rumboldt; 23. Isolated transverse process fracture Zoran Rumboldt; 24. Isolated spinous process fracture Doris Dodig; 25. Vertebral body edema/microfracture Emanuele Pravata; 26. Jefferson's fracture Russel Chapin; 27. Burst fractures at other levels Hrvoje Vavro and Zoran Rumboldt; 28. Odontoid fracture Type 2 Daniela Distefano and Alessandro Cianfoni; 29. Hangman's fracture Emanuele Pravata; 30. Bilateral facet dislocation Hrvoje Vavro and Abhay Varma; 31. Chance-like fracture Zoran Rumboldt and Hrvoje Vavro; 32. Flexion teardrop fracture Emanuele Pravata; 33. Extension teardrop fracture Hrvoje Vavro and Zoran Rumboldt; 34. Spinal cord injury Vikas Agarwal and Abhay Varma; 35. Nerve root avulsion Daniela Distefano and Abhay Varma; 36. Subarachnoid hemorrhage Zoran Rumboldt; 37. Subdural hematoma Daniela Distefano; 38. Epidural hematoma Emanuele Pravata; 39. Disk herniation Eytan Raz and Abhay Varma; 40. Vertebral artery injury Vikas Agarwal and Alessandro Cianfoni; 41. Ligamentous injury Doris Dodig and Zoran Rumboldt; 42. Penetrating injuries Zoran Rumboldt and Abhay Varma; Part IV. Thoracolumbar Trauma Classification: 43. TLICS scoring and compression/burst injury Vikas Agarwal and Russel Chapin; 44. TLICS translation/rotational injury Russel Chapin and Zoran Rumboldt; 45. TLICS distraction injury Russel Chapin; Part V. Specifics of Pediatric Spinal Trauma: 46. Specific pitfalls and measurements Alisa Sumkin and Giulio Zuccoli; 47. SCIWORA Orrie Close and Giulio Zuccoli; 48. Atlanto-occipital dislocation Michael Paul Yannes and Zoran Rumboldt; 49. Atlanto-axial distraction Michael Paul Yannes and Giulio Zuccoli; 50. Atlanto-axial rotatory subluxation Giulio Zuccoli and Alessandro Cianfoni; 51. Osteogenesis Imperfecta Orrie Close and Giulio Zuccoli; 52. Abusive spinal injury Orrie Close and Zoran Rumboldt; Part VI. Trauma to Compromised Spine: 53. Malignant vertebral body compression fracture Alessandro Cianfoni; 54. Benign vertebral body compression fracture Alessandro Cianfoni; 55. Sacral insufficiency fracture Daniela Distefano; 56. Ankylosed spine fractures Russel Chapin.
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