Climate and Culture

Climate and Culture

Multidisciplinary Perspectives on a Warming World

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Foreword; 1. Climate and culture: taking stock and moving forward Hilary Geoghegan, Giuseppe Feola and Alex Arnall; 2. Cultures of prediction in climate science Martin Mahony, Gabriele Gramelsberger and Matthias Heymann; 3. Visualising climate and climate change: a longue duree perspective Sebastian Vincent Grevsmuhl; 4. Indigenous knowledge regarding climate in Colombia: articulations and complementarities among different knowledges Astrid Ulloa; 5. Thin place: new modes of environmental knowing through contemporary curatorial practice Ciara Healy; 6. Multi-temporal adaptations to change in the Central Andes Julio C. Postigo; 7. Not for the faint of heart: tasks of climate change communication in the context of societal transformation Susanne C. Moser; 8. At the frontline or very close: living with climate change on St Lawrence Island, Alaska, 1999-2017 Igor Krupnik; 9. Localising and historicising climate change: extreme weather histories in the United Kingdom Georgina Endfield and Lucy Veale; 10. From denial to resistance: how emotions and culture shape our responses to climate change Allison Ford and Kari Marie Norgaard; 11. Effective responses to climate change - some wisdom from the Buddhist worldview Peter Daniels; 12. Creating a culture for transformation Karen O'Brien, Gail Hochachka and Irmelin Gram-Hanssen; 13. Back to the future? Satoyama and cultures of transition and sustainability John Clammer; 14. Culture and climate change: experiments and improvisations - an afterword Renata Tyszczuk and Joe Smith; Index.
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