Climate and Culture

Climate and Culture

Multidisciplinary Perspectives on a Warming World

Feola, Giuseppe (Universiteit Utrecht, The Netherlands); Arnall, Alex (University of Reading); Geoghegan, Hilary (University of Reading)

Cambridge University Press






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Written by an international team of experts, this book provides cutting-edge and critical perspectives on how culture both facilitates and inhibits our ability to address, live with, and make sense of climate change and the challenges it poses to societies in the Global North and South.
Foreword; 1. Climate and culture: taking stock and moving forward Hilary Geoghegan, Giuseppe Feola and Alex Arnall; 2. Cultures of prediction in climate science Martin Mahony, Gabriele Gramelsberger and Matthias Heymann; 3. Visualising climate and climate change: a longue duree perspective Sebastian Vincent Grevsmuhl; 4. Indigenous knowledge regarding climate in Colombia: articulations and complementarities among different knowledges Astrid Ulloa; 5. Thin place: new modes of environmental knowing through contemporary curatorial practice Ciara Healy; 6. Multi-temporal adaptations to change in the Central Andes Julio C. Postigo; 7. Not for the faint of heart: tasks of climate change communication in the context of societal transformation Susanne C. Moser; 8. At the frontline or very close: living with climate change on St Lawrence Island, Alaska, 1999-2017 Igor Krupnik; 9. Localising and historicising climate change: extreme weather histories in the United Kingdom Georgina Endfield and Lucy Veale; 10. From denial to resistance: how emotions and culture shape our responses to climate change Allison Ford and Kari Marie Norgaard; 11. Effective responses to climate change - some wisdom from the Buddhist worldview Peter Daniels; 12. Creating a culture for transformation Karen O'Brien, Gail Hochachka and Irmelin Gram-Hanssen; 13. Back to the future? Satoyama and cultures of transition and sustainability John Clammer; 14. Culture and climate change: experiments and improvisations - an afterword Renata Tyszczuk and Joe Smith; Index.
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