Climate Justice and Historical Emissions

Climate Justice and Historical Emissions


Cambridge University Press






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List of contributors; Introduction. On the significance of historical emissions for climate ethics Lukas Meyer and Pranay Sanklecha; 1. Climate ethics, affirmative action and unjust enrichment David Heyd; 2. Historical responsibility and climate change Janna Thompson; 3. Historical emissions: does ignorance matter? Daniel Butt; 4. How legal systems deal with issues of responsibility for past harmful behavior Daniel A. Farber; 5. Asking beneficiaries to pay for past pollution Anja Karnein; 6. Benefiting from unjust acts and benefiting from injustice: historical emissions and the beneficiary pays principle Brian Berkey; 7. A luck-based moral defense of grandfathering Rudolf Schuessler; 8. In defense of emissions egalitarianism Konrad Ott and Christian Baatz; 9. In the name of political possibility: a new proposal for thinking about the role and relevance of historical greenhouse gas emissions Sarah Kenehan; 10. Right to development and historical emissions: a perspective from the particularly vulnerable countries (PVCs) Mizan R. Khan; Index.
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