Class in Archaic Greece

Class in Archaic Greece

Rose, Peter W. (Miami University)

Cambridge University Press






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Provides a fresh and unapologetically Marxist approach to the history of one of the formative periods of Western civilization, which saw the invention of politics, the spread of Greek culture over most of the Mediterranean, the invention of literacy, epic, lyric, highly influential architecture, sculpture and painting.
Introduction: theoretical considerations; 1. Class in the Dark Age and the rise of the polis; 2. Homer's Iliad: alienation from a changing world; 3. Trade, colonization, and the Odyssey; 4. Hesiod: Cosmogony, Basileis, farmers, and justice; 5. Tyranny and the Solonian crisis; 6. Sparta and the consolidation of the oligarchic ideal; 7. Athens and the emergence of democracy.
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