Church and State in Spanish Italy

Church and State in Spanish Italy

Rituals and Legitimacy in the Kingdom of Naples

Cambridge University Press






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1. The Spaniards in charitable institutions; 2. Viceroys, Jews, and Conversos; 3. The miracle of San Gennaro; 4. Easter processions; 5. Corpus Domini celebration; 6. San Giovanni a Mare.
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Viceroys; Spain; Empire/Imperialism; Italy; Good government; Naples; Rituals; Processions; Minorities; Jews; Conversos; Charities; Early modern Europe; European culture; Archbishop; Catholic Church; Muslim threat; Mediterranean; Counter-Reformation; Saints; Blood; Protestants; St. John the Baptist; Corpus Domini; San Gennaro; Easter; Perambulation; Festival; Sixteenth century; Seventeenth century; Fifteenth century; Medieval; Cities; Middle class/Bourgeoisie; State building; Sovereignty; Religion; Kingdom of Naples; Renaissance; Alliances; Hegemony; Guilds