Christopher Marlowe, Theatrical Commerce, and the Book Trade

Christopher Marlowe, Theatrical Commerce, and the Book Trade


Cambridge University Press






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To the reader David Scott Kastan; Introduction: booking Marlowe; Part I. Marlowe at Work: 1. Marlowe's Lucan: winding sheets and scattered leaves Sarah Wall-Randell; 2. Marlowe in repertory, 1587-1593 Roslyn L. Knutson; 3. Marlowe in miniature: Dido, Queen of Carthage and the children of the chapel repertory Eoin Price; 4. 'Then breath a while': compression, kinesis, and temporality in the Massacre at Paris Evelyn Tribble; 5. Alarums: Edward II and the staging of history Lucy Munro; 6. Doctor Faustus's leg Genevieve Love; Part II. Transmitting Marlowe: 7. Making Marlowe Adam G. Hooks; 8. Making a scene: or Tamburlaine the Great in print Claire M. L. Bourne; 9. Marlowe's early books: the Contention and a 'Marlowe effect' Peter Kirwan; 10. Richard Jones, Tamburlaine the Great, and the making (and re-making) of a serial play collection in the 1590s Tara L. Lyons; 11. Companionate publishing, literary publics, and the wit of epyllia: the early success of Hero and Leander Andras Kisery; 12. Thomas Heywood and the publishing of The Jew of Malta Richard Dutton; Part III. Marlowe Received: 13. Allusions to Marlowe in printed plays, 1594 Tom Rutter; 14. The devil and Doctor Faustus Paul Menzer; 15. Booking Marlowe's plays David McInnis; 16. Marlowe's lost play: 'The Maiden's Holiday' Matthew Steggle; 17. 'The best of poets in that age': Christopher Marlowe's reputation in the century following his death in Deptford J. A. Downie; Appendix A. Transcription of John Newdigate II's summary of Edward II; Appendix B. Marlowe in print, 1590-1640; Appendix C. Marlowe's plays in performance, 1588-1640.
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