Christopher Marlowe, Theatrical Commerce, and the Book Trade

Christopher Marlowe, Theatrical Commerce, and the Book Trade

Knutson, Roslyn L. (University of Arkansas); Melnikoff, Kirk (University of North Carolina, Charlotte)

Cambridge University Press






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Presents the first exploration of Christopher Marlowe's complex place in the canon both bibliographically and theatrically. The collection considers Marlowe's deliberate engagement with page and stage, the textual transmission of his work, and the reception of 'Marlowe' as style, perspective, and author.
To the reader David Scott Kastan; Introduction: booking Marlowe; Part I. Marlowe at Work: 1. Marlowe's Lucan: winding sheets and scattered leaves Sarah Wall-Randell; 2. Marlowe in repertory, 1587-1593 Roslyn L. Knutson; 3. Marlowe in miniature: Dido, Queen of Carthage and the children of the chapel repertory Eoin Price; 4. 'Then breath a while': compression, kinesis, and temporality in the Massacre at Paris Evelyn Tribble; 5. Alarums: Edward II and the staging of history Lucy Munro; 6. Doctor Faustus's leg Genevieve Love; Part II. Transmitting Marlowe: 7. Making Marlowe Adam G. Hooks; 8. Making a scene: or Tamburlaine the Great in print Claire M. L. Bourne; 9. Marlowe's early books: the Contention and a 'Marlowe effect' Peter Kirwan; 10. Richard Jones, Tamburlaine the Great, and the making (and re-making) of a serial play collection in the 1590s Tara L. Lyons; 11. Companionate publishing, literary publics, and the wit of epyllia: the early success of Hero and Leander Andras Kisery; 12. Thomas Heywood and the publishing of The Jew of Malta Richard Dutton; Part III. Marlowe Received: 13. Allusions to Marlowe in printed plays, 1594 Tom Rutter; 14. The devil and Doctor Faustus Paul Menzer; 15. Booking Marlowe's plays David McInnis; 16. Marlowe's lost play: 'The Maiden's Holiday' Matthew Steggle; 17. 'The best of poets in that age': Christopher Marlowe's reputation in the century following his death in Deptford J. A. Downie; Appendix A. Transcription of John Newdigate II's summary of Edward II; Appendix B. Marlowe in print, 1590-1640; Appendix C. Marlowe's plays in performance, 1588-1640.
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