Christian Platonism

Christian Platonism

A History

Kenney, John Peter; Hampton, Alexander J. B.

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction. Christianity and Platonism Alexander J. B. Hampton and John Peter Kenney; Part I. Concepts: 1.1 The perennial value of platonism Lloyd Gerson; 1.2 The ideas as thoughts of God John Dillon and Daniel J. Tolan; 1.3 The one and the trinity Andrew Radde-Gallwitz; 1.4. Creation, begetting, desire, and re-creation in Christian platonism Kevin Corrigan; 1.5 The concept of theology Olivier Boulnois; 1.6 Participation: Aquinas and his Neoplatonic sources Rudi A. te Velde; Part II. History: 2.1. The Bible and early Christian platonism Mark Edwards; 2.2 Platonism and Christianity in late antiquity John Peter Kenney; 2.3 The development of Christian platonism in the medieval west Lydia Schumacher; 2.4 Christian platonism in Byzantium Torstein Tollefsen; 2.5 Renaissance Christian platonism and ficino Stephen Gersh; 2.6 Northern renaissance platonism from Cusa to Boehme Cecilia Muratori and Mario Meliado; 2.7 Christian platonism in early modernity Derek A. Michaud; 2.8 The counter-enlightenment and romantic platonism Douglas Hedley; 2.9 Christian platonism and modernity Joshua Levi Ian Gentzke; Part III. Engagements: 3.1 Christian platonism and natural science Andrew Davison and Jacob Holsinger Sherman; 3.2 Christian platonism, nature and environmental crisis Alexander J. B. Hampton; 3.3 Art and meaning Richard Viladesau; 3.4 Value, dualism and materialism Charles Taliaferro; 3.5 Christian love and platonic friendship Catherine Pickstock; 3.6 Multiplicity in Earth and heaven Stephen Clark; Index.
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