China's Governance Puzzle

China's Governance Puzzle

Enabling Transparency and Participation in a Single-Party State

Stromseth, Jonathan R.; Wang, Xixin; Gueorguiev, Dimitar D.; Brinton, Carl; Malesky, Edmund J.; Hairong, Lai

Cambridge University Press






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The apparent contradiction between China's rapid economic reforms and political authoritarianism is much debated by scholars of comparative political economy. This is the first examination of this issue through the impact of a series of administrative reforms intended to promote government transparency and increase public participation in China.
Preface; 1. China's approach to governance reform; 2. Concept, chronology, and drivers of transparency reform; 3. Transparency and corruption: analysis of variation within China and hypothesis testing; 4. Comparing approaches to combatting corruption: the Guangdong and Chongqing models; 5. Concept, chronology, and drivers of participation reform; 6. Participation and compliance: analysis of variation and hypothesis testing; 7. Making policy in public: a comparison of three Chinese provinces; 8. The road ahead; Works cited; Index.
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