China-Japan Relations after World War Two

China-Japan Relations after World War Two

Empire, Industry and War, 1949-1971

King, Amy (Australian National University, Canberra)

Cambridge University Press






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A rich account of how and why China rebuilt its economic relationship with Japan so soon after the devastating experience of World War Two. King argues that the period between 1949 and 1971 was an important moment of non-Western modernisation stemming from the legacy of the Japanese empire, industry and war in China.
1. Introduction; 2. Empire, industry and war in the China-Japan relationship; 3. Trading with the enemy, 1949-52; 4. Revolution through industrialisation, 1953-7; 5. When ideas collide, 1958-July 1960; 6. Comparing ourselves with Japan, August 1960-5; Conclusion: on the eve of diplomatic normalisation, 1966-71; Appendix; Note on sources; Bibliography; Index.
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