Childhood, Education and the Stage in Early Modern England

Childhood, Education and the Stage in Early Modern England


Cambridge University Press






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Part I. Shakespearean Childhoods: 1. Hamlet's boyhood Seth Lerer; 2. The traffic in children: shipwrecked Shakespeare, precarious Pericles Joseph Campana; 3. Incapable and shallow innocents: mourning Shakespeare's children in Richard III and The Winter's Tale Charlotte Scott; Part II. Beyond the Boy Actor: 4. Speaking like a child: staging children's speech in early modern drama Lucy Munro; 5. Shakespeare versus Blackfriars: satiric comedy, domestic tragedy, and the boy actor in Othello Bart Van Es; 6. Cupid's metamorphosis: John Lyly's Love's Metamorphosis and the return of the children's playing companies Bastian Kuhl; Part III. Girls and Boys: 7. The further adventures of Ganymede Stephen Orgel; 8. Chastity, speech, and the girl masquer Deanne Williams; 9. Milton and female perspiration Douglas Trevor; Part IV. Afterlives: 10. 'Too green/yet for lust, but not for love': Andrew Marvell and the invention of children's literature Blaine Greteman; 11. All Macbeth's sons James J. Marino; 12. Modern retrospectives: childhood and education in Tom Stoppard's Shakespearean plays Elizabeth Pentland.
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