Celebrating Shakespeare

Celebrating Shakespeare

Commemoration and Cultural Memory

Kahn, Coppelia (Brown University, Rhode Island); Calvo, Clara (Universidad de Murcia, Spain)

Cambridge University Press






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On the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death, this collection of fifteen new essays written by leading scholars explores the variety and complexity of commemoration that has made Shakespeare a global cultural icon. Using rich visual images, new research and astute analysis, the volume will appeal to scholars and students of Shakespeare, literature and cultural history.
Introduction: Shakespeare and commemoration Coppelia Kahn and Clara Calvo; 1. David Garrick: saints, temples and jubilees Peter Holland; 2. Commemorating Shakespeare in performance: Betterton and Irving Richard Schoch; 3. Relic, pageant, sunken wrack: Shakespeare in 1816 Adrian Poole; 4. Remembrance of things past: Shakespeare 1851, 1951, 2012 Graham Holderness; 5. Remembering Shakespeare in India: colonial and postcolonial memory Supriya Chaudhuri; 6. Shakespeare at the Vatican, 1964 Marta Cerezo; 7. Commemorating Shakespeare in America, 1864 Douglas M. Lanier; 8. Shakespeare's rising: Ireland and the 1916 Tercentenary Andrew Murphy; 9. Goblin's market: commemoration, anti-semitism and the invention of 'global Shakespeare' in 1916 Gordon McMullan; 10. Performing commemoration in wartime: Shakespeare galas in London, 1916-19 Ailsa Grant Ferguson; 11. Lest we forget: Shakespeare tercentenary commemoration in Sydney and London, 1916 Philip Mead; 12. Brought up to date: Shakespeare in cartoons Clara Calvo; 13. Sculpted Shakespeare Ton Hoenselaars; 14. Gardening with Shakespeare Nicola J. Watson; 15. Anne Hathaway's Cottage: myth, tourism, diplomacy Katherine West Scheil; Bibliography; Index.
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