Case Studies in Neurological Infections of Adults and Children

Case Studies in Neurological Infections of Adults and Children

Miller, Alastair; Michael, Benedict D.; Kneen, Rachel; Solomon, Tom (University of Liverpool)

Cambridge University Press






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Delays or missed diagnoses can have devastating consequences for patients with neurological infectious and inflammatory diseases. These adult and pediatric case studies of both common and rare causes lead the reader through the history and examination to the diagnosis and treatment, with detailed discussion of the key issues.
List of contributors; Preface; 1. Occam's razor through the neuroaxis Benedict Michael; 2. Between the head and the heart Theresa Cole; 3. Thinking laterally Baba Aji; 4. No laughing matter Besa Ziso; 5. Unusual cause for an expanding head circumference in a neonate Hema Bentur and Rachel Kneen; 6. No hard feelings David Bargiela; 7. The masquerader Laura A. Benjamin; 8. An old enemy Michael Bonello and Tom Solomon; 9. A Vietnamese child who is floppy and falling Hannah E. Brindle and Benedict Michael; 10. Disseminated in time and space Ales Cheadle; 11. Double trouble Michael Bonello; 12. Hiking into danger Ales Cheadle; 13. A runny nose, running into trouble Theresa Cole; 14. An undulating fever Derek J. Sloane and Nicholas J. Beeching; 15. Headache and fever after a safari Hannah E. Brindle and Tom Solomon; 16. Sent home with a pain in the ear Liene Elsone, Mona Ghadri-Sani and Tom Solomon; 17. Relapsing infection and a spelling bug Suresh Kumar Chhetri, Claire Gall and Hedley C. A. Emsley; 18. Scratching the surface Sylviane Defres; 19. Cloudy with a chance of cytokine storms Anu Goenke and Rachel Kneen; 20. Ter-wit-ter-woo! Sylviane Defres; 21. Same family, different genus, new problem? Michael Grosdenier and Rachel Kneen; 22. The great pretender Richard J. B. Ellis; 23. Word salad Sylviane Defres; 24. A mildly unwell mother delivers a very unwell baby Anu Goenke and Rachel Kneen; 25. A creeping weakness Liene Elsone and Mona Ghadri-Sani; 26. Preventable cause of peripheral neuropathy Anand Iyer and Rachel Kneen; 27. It's in the genes Mona Ghadiri-Sani and Sylviane Defres; 28. Sutton's law Sylviane Defres; 29. 'No milk for me please' Michael Grosdenier; 30. More than mononucleosis: a familial or reactive risk? Karolina Griffiths, Lynsey C. Goodwin and Alastair Miller; 31. Return of an old foe Syed Hyder; 32. The lethal masquerader Anand Iyer; 33. Bitten in the Hampshires Heli Halvala and Tom Solomon; 34. Is it all to do with his glands doctor? Rachel Kneen; 35. A recurring pain in the neck Fiona McGill; 36. A new case of history repeating itself? Anand Iyer and Rachel Kneen; 37. Feeling a little light-headed Fiona McGill; 38. A rare cause of coma that could run in the family Jennifer Lemon, Anu Goenke and Rachel Kneen; 39. A travelling salesman, slowing down Sam Nightingale; 40. A nasty, rare, and ironic unwanted effect Hema Bentur and Rachel Kneen; 41. A rash diagnosis Fiona McGill; 42. Seizure in a seasoned traveller Alastair Miller; 43. Stiff and stuporous Stephen Ray and Rachel Kneen; 44. Just unlucky or is some detective work needed? Rachel Kneen and Jennifer Lemon; 45. A case of missing the point Benedict Michael; 46. Have I got a monster in my body? Jennifer Lemon and Rachel Kneen; 47. Not quite so reserved anymore Sam Nightingale; 48. Thought we had seen the last of this? Jennifer Lemon and Rachel Kneen; 49. Sick as a swine Sophie Miller, Benedict Michael and Tom Solomon; 50. A tic in the (voice) box Katie Rose and Rachel Kneen; 51. A forgotten itch Graham A. Powell; 52. Brain on fire Jay Panicker and Charlotte F. Dougan; 53. Fitting and febrile - getting complicated Stephen Ray and Rachel Kneen; 54. A pain in the leg Tom Solomon; 55. A wobbly toddler Katie Rose and Rachel Kneen; 56. Popping problems Derek J. Sloane and Nicholas J. Beeching; 57. A bad headache and an awkward eye Scott Williams, Tom Solomon and Laura A. Benjamin; 58. Drowsy with difficulty swallowing Tom Solomon; 59. Two types of shaking Lance Turtle; 60. Diagnosing a headache: follow your gut feeling Katherine C. Dodd; 61. Floppy and falling when back home Lance Turtle and Rachel Kneen.
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