Carmen Abroad

Carmen Abroad

Bizet's Opera on the Global Stage


Cambridge University Press






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List of figures; List of tables; List of contributors; Foreword and acknowledgements; Part I. Establishment in Paris and the repertoire: 1. Carmen at home and abroad Clair Rowden and Richard Langham Smith; 2. Carmen's second chance: revival in Vienna Laura Moeckli; 3. Carmen faces Paris and the provinces Clair Rowden; 4. Carmen dusted down: Albert Carre's 1898 revival at the Opera-Comique Michela Niccolai; 5. Refashioning Carmen at the Theatre de La Monnaie, 1902 Bruno Forment; 6. How Carmen became a repertory opera in Italy and in Italian Matthew Franke; Part II. Across frontiers: 7. A new performance for a new world: Carmen in America Kristen M. Turner; 8. The unstoppable march of time: Carmen, and New Orleans in transition Charlotte Bentley; 9. The return of the habanera: Carmen's early reception in Latin America Jose Manuel Izquierdo, Jaime Cortes-Polania and Juan Francisco Sans; 10. From Spain to Lusophone lands: Carmen in Portugal and Brazil David Cranmer; 11. Carmen in the antipodes Kerry Murphy; 12. Carmen, as seen and heard in Victorian Britain Paul Rodmell; 13. Celtic Carmens: rebellion and redemption Linda J. Buckley and Jennifer Millar; 14. Carmen for the Czechs and Germans, 1880 to 1945 Martin Nedbal; 15. Carmen in Poland prior to 1918 Renata Suchowiejko; 16. A woman or a demon: Carmen in the late nineteenth-century Nordic countries Ulla-Britta Broman-Kananen; Part III. Localising Carmen: 17. Russian Carmens and 'Carmenism': from Imperial import to ideological benchmark Michelle Assay; 18. The other reversed? Japan's assimilation of Carmen between 1885 and 1945 Naomi Matsumoto; 19. Flamenco and the 'hispanicisation' of Bizet's Carmen in the Belle Epoque Michael Christoforidis and Elizabeth Kertesz; 20. Carmen at home: between Andalusia and the Basque Provinces (1845-1936) Lola San Martin Arbide; 21. Carmen in the midi amphitheatres: a 'tauro-comique' spectacle Sabine Teulon Lardic; Selected Bibliography.
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