Canada in the World

Canada in the World

Comparative Perspectives on the Canadian Constitution


Cambridge University Press






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Introduction: the values of Canadian constitutionalism Richard Albert; Part I. Federalism and Pluralism in Canadian Constitutionalism: 1. Diversity and the rule of law: a Canadian perspective Rt. Hon. Beverley McLachlin, P.C.; 2. Misconceiving federalism: Canada and the federal idea Stephen Tierney; 3. Political dynamics in Quebec: charting concepts and imagining political avenues Alain-G. Gagnon; 4. Indigenous peoples and the Canadian state: the prospects of a postcolonial constitutional pluralism Patrick Macklem; 5. Legality, legitimacy and constitutional amendment in Canada Jamie Cameron; 6. Constituting citizens: oaths, gender, religious attire Ayelet Shachar; Part II. The Court in Canadian Constitutionalism: 7. The judicial constitutionalization of politics in Canada and other contemporary democracies: comparing the Canadian secession case to South Africa's death penalty case and Israel's landmark Migdal constitutional case Michel Rosenfeld; 8. Originalism in Australia and Canada: why the divergence? Jeffrey Goldsworthy and Grant Huscroft; 9. Rights inflation in Canada and the United States Mark Tushnet; 10. Substantive equality past and future: the Canadian charter experience Catharine A. MacKinnon; 11. Canadian constitutional law of freedom of expression Adrienne Stone; 12. The judicial, legislative and executive roles in enforcing the constitution: three Manitoba stories Kent Roach; Part III. The Global Impact of Canadian Constitutionalism: 13. Going global? Canada as importer and exporter of constitutional thought Ran Hirschl; 14. Exporting dialogue: critical reflections on Canada's 'commonwealth' model of human rights protections Alison Young; 15. The European court of human rights and the Canadian case-law Lech Garlicki; 16. Canadian rights discourse travels to the East: referencing to Canadian charter case laws by Hong Kong's court of final appeal and Taiwan's constitutional court Wen-Chen Chang; 17. The Canadian charter, South Africa and the paths of constitutional influence Heinz Klug; Conclusion: 18. The court and constitution in the world David R. Cameron.
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