Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought

Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought

Gourevitch, Victor (Wesleyan University, Connecticut); Rousseau, Jean-Jacques

Cambridge University Press






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A comprehensive and authoritative anthology of Rousseau's major later political writings in up-to-date English translations. Featuring an expanded introduction, a new foreword and an extensive editorial apparatus, the new edition is designed to assist students at every level access these seminal texts.
Preface; Preface to the second edition; Introduction; Chronology of Jean-Jacques Rousseau; A brief guide to further reading; A note on the texts; A note on the translations; A note on the editorial notes and index; Discourse on Political Economy; Of the Social Contract; Book I; Book II; Book III; Book IV; From: Of the Social Contract or essay about the form of the Republic (known as the Geneva Manuscript): Book I, ch. 2 and Book II, ch. 4; Principles of the Right of War; Considerations on the Government of Poland; Selected Letters: Letter to D'Offreville; Letter to Usteri; Letter to Mirabeau; Letter to Franquieres; List of abbreviations and textual conventions; Editorial notes; Index of editors, translators, and annotators; General index.
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