Underground History of Early Victorian Fiction

Underground History of Early Victorian Fiction

Chartism, Radical Print Culture, and the Social Problem Novel

Vargo, Gregory (New York University)

Cambridge University Press






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The radical press of the Victorian era fostered daring literary experiments that helped shape mainstream literature. This book adds significantly to the study of Victorian literary culture by exploring the interplay between canonical social problem novels and journalism and fiction appearing in the periodical press associated with working-class protest.
Introduction: can a social problem speak?; 1. Social inheritance in the New Poor Law debate: William Cobbett, Harriet Martineau, and the Royal Commission of Inquiry; 2. Books of (social) murder: melodrama and the slow violence of the market in anti-New Poor Law satire, fiction, and journalism; 3. A life in fragments: Thomas Cooper's Chartist Bildungsroman; 4. Questions from workers who read: education and self-formation in Chartist print culture and Elizabeth Gaskell's Mary Barton; 5. Revenge in the age of insurance: villainy in theatrical melodrama and Ernest Jones's fiction; 6. 'Outworks of the citadel of corruption': the Chartist Press reports the empire; 7. Two nations revisited: the refugee question in the People's Paper, Household Words and Charles Dickens's A Tale of Two Cities.
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