Protectors of Pluralism

Protectors of Pluralism

Religious Minorities and the Rescue of Jews in the Low Countries during the Holocaust

Braun, Robert (University of California, Berkeley)

Cambridge University Press






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This book sheds new light on the relationship between religion and tolerance by investigating the Christian protection of Jews during the Holocaust. It will appeal to those interested in religion, political violence, collective action, mixed methods, altruism, racism, tolerance, the Holocaust, and genocide.
1. Introduction; Part I. Theory and Context: 2. Theory; 3. Religious minorities in the Low Countries: from the Reformation: to the Holocaust; Part II. Religious Minorities in the Netherlands: 4. Minority empathy 1900-1942; 5. Religious minorities and evasion in the Netherlands; 6. Religious minorities and clandestine collective action in Twente; 7. Religious minorities and rescue beyond Twente; Part III. Exceptions and Scope Conditions: 8. Off-the-line cases; 9. Christian rescue in Belgium; 10. Conclusion: minority protection across time and space; Bibliography; Index.
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