Paradox of Traditional Chiefs in Democratic Africa

Paradox of Traditional Chiefs in Democratic Africa

Baldwin, Kate (Yale University, Connecticut)

Cambridge University Press






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This book is relevant to readers interested in the persistence of traditional institutions in the contemporary world, the possibility for democratic transitions in weak states, the calculus of voters in new democracies, and community-level development in poor countries.
Part I. Toward a New Theory of Chiefs: 1. The paradox of chiefs; 2. Conceptualizing chiefs; 3. Traditional leaders and democracy; 4. Chiefs as development brokers; Part II. Chiefs, Development, and Elections in Zambia: 5. Introduction to Zambia; 6. Chiefs and local public goods provision; 7. Electoral king makers; 8. Chiefs and the voter's calculus; Part III. Traditional Leaders in Africa and Beyond: 9. Chiefs and government responsiveness across Africa; 10. Development brokers revisited.
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