Cambridge Studies in Comparative Politics

Cambridge Studies in Comparative Politics

Lessing, Benjamin (University of Chicago)

Cambridge University Press






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Drug wars have ravaged Latin America, from Pablo Escobar in Colombia and El Chapo in Mexico to the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. This book helps social scientists, area specialists, and policymakers understand why state crackdowns often backfire, and why deterrence-based approaches have been successful but hard to implement and sustain.
1. Introduction; Part I. A Theory of Cartel-State Conflict: 2. What is cartel-state conflict?; 3. Logics of violence in cartel-state conflict; 4. Modeling violent corruption and lobbying; Part II. Case Studies: 5. Colombia: conditionality to contain a killer; 6. Rio de Janeiro: conditionality, one favela at a time; 7. Mexico: conditionality abandoned; Part III. Conditional Repression as Outcome: 8. The challenge of implementing conditionality; 9. Explaining reform efforts' success: key factors and alternative hypotheses; 10. The challenge of sustaining conditionality; 11. Conclusion.
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