Cambridge Monographs on Mathematical Physics

Cambridge Monographs on Mathematical Physics

Jaroszkiewicz, George (University of Nottingham)

Cambridge University Press






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Bridging the gaps between non-relativistic quantum mechanics and quantum field theory, this novel approach to quantum mechanics for graduate students and researchers extends the standard formalism to cover the observer and their apparatus. It includes key experiments and worked examples to encourage the reader to focus on empirically sound concepts and avoid metaphysical speculation.
Preface; Acronyms; 1. Introduction; 2. Questions and answers; 3. Classical bits; 4. Quantum bits; 5. Classical and quantum registers; 6. Classical register mechanics; 7. Quantum register dynamics; 8. Partial observations; 9. Mixed states and POVMs; 10. Double-slit experiments; 11. Modules; 12. Computerization and computer algebra; 13. Interferometers; 14. Quantum eraser experiments; 15. Particle decays; 16. Non-locality; 17. Bell inequalities; 18. Change and persistence; 19. Temporal correlations; 20. The Franson experiment; 21. Self-intervening networks; 22. Separability and entanglement; 23. Causal sets; 24. Oscillators; 25. Dynamical theory of observation; 26. Conclusions; Appendix; Index.
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