Cambridge Military Histories

Cambridge Military Histories

Wilcox, Vanda (John Cabot University, Rome)

Cambridge University Press






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The first book-length study of morale in the Italian army during the First World War. Vanda Wilcox reassesses Italian policy and performance from the perspective both of the army as an institution and of the ordinary soldiers who found themselves fighting a brutally hard war.
1. Introduction; Part I. Army Policies and Morale: 2. Leadership, command culture and organisation; 3. Incentivising high morale; 4. Discipline; 5. Combat readiness; Part II. Italians under Arms: 6. Endurance: experience and the negotiation of identity; 7. Consent and compliance; 8. Refusal: indiscipline, protest and nervous collapse; 9. Conclusion; Bibliography; Index.
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