Cambridge Medieval Textbooks

Cambridge Medieval Textbooks

Downham, Clare (University of Liverpool)

Cambridge University Press






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In this concise and accessible survey of Ireland from AD 400 to 1500, Clare Downham critiques the notion that Irish society was archaic and that the main agents of change were foreign invasions. Instead she uses the under-explored primary sources to highlight internal changes in religion, politics, culture, and more.
Introduction; Part I. Early Medieval Ireland AD 400-1100: 1. Ireland in the fifth century; 2. Land use and economy AD 500-1100; 3. Society AD 500-1100; 4. Politics AD 500-1100; 5. Religion AD 500-1100; 6. The arts AD 500-1100; Epilogue to Part I; Part II. Late Medieval Ireland AD 1100-1500: 7. Landscape and economy AD 1100-1500; 8. Society AD 1100-1500; 9. Politics AD 1100-1500; 10. Religion AD 1100-1500; 11. The arts AD 1100-1500; Conclusion.
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