Cambridge Manuals in Archaeology

Cambridge Manuals in Archaeology

Goldberg, Paul (Boston University); MacPhail, Richard I. (University College London)

Cambridge University Press






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This book provides the most up-to-date information on soil science and its applications in archaeology. It covers the use of complimentary methods for interpretation and key topics in the field like palaeosis and occupation surfaces. Chock-full of images, and accompanied by online resources, this is essential for all archaeological inquiries.
Part I. Background Approach and Methods: 1. Applied principles from geology and soil science; 2. Complementary analyses; 3. Systematic soil micromorphology description; Part II. Soils and Sediments: 4. Soils and burial (horizon types and effects of burial in the Temperate and Boreal regions); 5. Soil-sediments; 6. Inundated freshwater and coastal marine sites; Part III. Archaeological Materials: 7. Archaeological materials and deposits; Part IV. Features and Activities in the Landscape: 8. First records of human activity; 9. Clearance and cultivation; 10. Occupation surfaces and use of space; 11. Settlement morphology; 12. Site transformation; 13. Final remarks.
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