Across Iceland

Across Iceland

With Illustrations and Maps, and an Appendix on the Plants Collected

Bisiker, William; Hill, Alan W.

Cambridge University Press






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Published in 1902 and including maps, photographs and an extensive appendix compiled by expedition member and botanist Arthur William Hill on the island's plant life, this work gives an engaging account of the 1900 expedition across Iceland, around its northern coast and to the Faroes.
1. The party; 2. The Faroes; 3. The fjords; 4. Across the northern inhabited fringe; 5. The interior, to Hveravellir; 6. The interior, Strytur and its lava; 7. The interior, Kerlingarfjoell; 8. The interior, Hvitarvatn and Gullfoss; 9. Geysir and Thingvellir; 10. The capital, Reykjavik; 11. In the west, to Reykholt; 12. Barnafoss and the Surtshellir caves; 13. Gilsbakki to Statharhraun; 14. To Eldborg and Helgafell; 15. Stykkisholm and Berserkjahraun; 16. The north-west peninsula; 17. The northern fjords; 18. Across country from Akureyri to Husavik; 19. The eastern fjords; Appendices; Index of places.
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