Polarisation of Light

Polarisation of Light

Spottiswoode, William

Cambridge University Press






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William Spottiswoode (1825-83) combined research in mathematics and the physical sciences with the running of his family printing firm, Eyre and Spottiswoode. A lifelong populariser of science, he gave talks on polarised light to his workers, which formed the basis of this illustrated 1874 introduction to the topic.
Preface; 1. Methods of polarisation; 2. Double refraction: polariscopes; 3. Chromatic polarisation: the wave theory; 4. Circular polarisation; 5. Circular polarisation by reflexion; 6. Phenomena produced by mechanical means: unannealed glass; 7. Atmospheric and other polarisation: the polar clock; 8. Rings and brushes produced by crystal plates; 9. Composition of colours by polarised light; Index.
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