Literature of Political Economy

Literature of Political Economy

A Classified Catalogue of Select Publications in the Different Departments of that Science, with Historical, Critical and Biographical Notices

McCulloch, J. R.

Cambridge University Press






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Preface; 1. Treatise on political economy in general; 2. Commerce and commercial policy; 3. Money, banks, exchanges, etc.; 4. Prices; 5. Roads, canals, railways, etc.; 6. Political arithmetic, statistics, and agricultural economy; 7. Coal trade; 8. Herring and other fisheries; 9. Manufactures, arts, etc.; 10. Insurance of lives, ships, houses, etc.; 11. Interest and annuities, usury, etc.; 12. Progress of population; 13. Foundlings and foundling hospitals; 14. Naturalization; 15. Bills of mortality; 16. Wages, pauperism, poor-laws, etc.; 17. Right of property, law of succession, copyrights, etc.; 18. Slavery; 19. Revenue and finance; 20. Miscellaneous; Index of authors; Index of books.
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