Before Mestizaje

Before Mestizaje

The Frontiers of Race and Caste in Colonial Mexico

Cambridge University Press






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1. Wayward mixture: the problem of race in the colonies; 2. Mestizaje 1.0: the moment mixture had modern meaning; 3. 'Castagenesis' and the moment of castizaje; 4. The jungle of extremes (Castas); 5. Extreme mixture in a theater of numbers; 6. Betrothed: marrying into the extremes; 7. Betrothed: identity's riddle; 8. Betrayed; 9. Colonial bequests; Coda; Appendix A. Core records consulted from the Archivo General de la Nacion; Appendix B. Place of origin of the extreme castas in Mexico City's marriage cases, 1605-1783; Appendix C. Extreme caste slave sales, from Mexico City Notarial Archive, seventeeth century; Appendix D. Identity reconsidered: factoring lineage into declarations of casta.
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