Cambridge Latin American Studies

Cambridge Latin American Studies

Vinson, Ben, III

Cambridge University Press






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Using the case of Mexico, this book examines how the concept of caste evolved by studying the most extreme racial mixtures in society. By arguing that the experiences of these individuals laid important foundations for the future, this book will be of interest to readers studying race, race relations, caste, racial mixture, mestizaje, Mexico, and colonial Latin America.
1. Wayward mixture: the problem of race in the colonies; 2. Mestizaje 1.0: the moment mixture had modern meaning; 3. 'Castagenesis' and the moment of castizaje; 4. The jungle of extremes (Castas); 5. Extreme mixture in a theater of numbers; 6. Betrothed: marrying into the extremes; 7. Betrothed: identity's riddle; 8. Betrayed; 9. Colonial bequests; Coda; Appendix A. Core records consulted from the Archivo General de la Nacion; Appendix B. Place of origin of the extreme castas in Mexico City's marriage cases, 1605-1783; Appendix C. Extreme caste slave sales, from Mexico City Notarial Archive, seventeeth century; Appendix D. Identity reconsidered: factoring lineage into declarations of casta.
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