Cambridge IGCSE (TM) Mandarin Coursebook with Audio CDs (2)

Cambridge IGCSE (TM) Mandarin Coursebook with Audio CDs (2)

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Unit A. Everyday activities: 1. Greetings and introductions; 2. Family and pets; 3. Everyday life; 4. Hobbies; 5 Eating and drinking; Unit B. Personal and social life: 6. Health and fitness; 7. Home life; 8. Clothes; 9. Shopping; 10. Living environment; 11. School routine; 12. School facilities; Unit C. The world around us; 13. Weather and climate; 14. Transportation; 15. Holidays Travel experiences; 16. Holidays: Planning a trip; 17. Public services and customs; Unit D. The world of work: 18. Work experience; 19. Applying for a job; 20. Future education and career plans; Unit E: International world: 21. Interviewing Chinese celebrities; 22. Technology and social media; 23. Chinese festivals; 24. Learning Chinese as a foreign language; 25. Saving the planet.
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