Cambridge Handbook of Successful Aging

Cambridge Handbook of Successful Aging

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Introduction: some traits about this Handbook of Successful Aging Rocio Fernandez-Ballesteros, Jean-Marie Robine and Athanase Benetos; 1. The concept of successful aging and related terms Rocio Fernandez-Ballesteros; 2. The biomedical bases of successful aging Athanase Benetos; 3. Successful aging and the longevity revolution Jean-Marie Robine; Part I. Biomedical: 4. The connection between cellular senescence and age-related diseases Claire Falandry; 5. From inflamm-aging to immunosenescence Tamas Fulop, Jacek M. Witkowski, Alan A. Cohen, Gilles Dupuis, Katsuiku Hirokawa and Anis Larbi; 6. Telomere dynamics and aging related diseases Simon Toupance and Athanase Benetos; 7. Gene-lifestyle interactions in longevity Rune Lindahl-Jacobsen and Kaare Christensen; 8. Plasticity of the brain and cognition in older adults Kiyoka Kinugawa; 9. Arterial stiffness and blood pressure during the aging process Athanase Benetos, Magnus Back, Michel E. Safar and Harold Smulyan; 10. Prevention of frailty Bertrand Fougere and Matteo Cesari; 11. Preventive effects of physical activity in older people Timo E. Strandberg; 12. Nutrition and cognition Stany Perkisas and Maurits Vandewoude; 13. Nutrition, muscle function and mobility in older people Rebecca Diekmann and Juergen M. Bauer; 14. Gerontechnologies and successful aging Daniel Gillain, Sebastien Piccard, Christelle Boulanger and Jean Petermans; 15. Optimization of drug use in older people: a key factor for a successful aging Mirko Petrovic, Annemie Somers, Sophie Marien and Anne Spinewine; Part II. Psychosocial: 16. Bio-psycho-social bridge: the psychoneuroimmune system in successful aging Monica De la Fuente; 17. The adaptation process of aging Jana Nikitin and Alexandra M. Freund; 18. Behavioral health Marta Santacreu, Marcos Alonso Rodriguez and Maria Angeles Molina; 19. Effects of environmental enrichment and training across life span in cognition Maria Dolores Calero; 20. Wisdom: the royal road to personality growth Ute Kunzmann; 21. Emotions and successful aging Constanca Paul; 22. Personal control and successful aging Katherine E. Bercovitz, Christelle Ngnoumen and Ellen J. Langer; 23. Coping mechanisms through successful aging Maria Marquez-Gonzalez, Sheung-Tak Cheng and Andres Losada; 24. Spirituality and transcendence Andreas Kruse and Eric Schmitt; 25. Intergenerational family relationships and successful aging Ariela Lowenstein, Ruth Katz and Aviad Tur-Sinai; 26. Involvement with life and social networks: a pathway for successful aging Toni C. Antonucci and Noah J. Webster; 27. Defining 'success' in exceptional longevity Oscar Ribeiro and Lia Araujo; 28. Promoting successful aging: a psychosocial perspective Maria Giovanna Caprara and Neyda Ma. Mendoza-Ruvalcaba; 29. Promoting successful aging in the community Victor Manuel Mendoza-Nunez and Maria de la Luz Martinez-Maldonado; Part III. Socio-Demography: 30. The promise of active aging Alan Walker; 31. Linking the socio-physical environment to successful aging: from basic research to intervention to implementation science considerations Hans-Werner Wahl and Laura N. Gitlin; 32. The active aging index: measuring successful aging at population level Azghar Zaidi and Marge Unt; 33. Aging and capabilities Catherine Le Gales.
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