Cambridge Handbook of Open Strategy

Cambridge Handbook of Open Strategy

von Krogh, Georg; Seidl, David; Whittington, Richard

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction David Seidl, Georg Von Krogh and Richard Whittington; Part I. The Concept of Open Strategy: 1. Defining Open Strategy: dimensions, practices, outcomes, perspectives David Seidl, Georg Von Krogh and Richard Whittington; 2. Participation research and Open Strategy Eero Vaara, Anniina Rantakari and Jeanniee Holstein; 3. Open innovation and Open Strategy: epistemic and design dimensions Georg Von Krogh and Nina Gellinger; 4. Strategic openness and Open Strategy Xian Xu and Oliver Alexy; Part II. Practices of Open Strategy: 5. Practices of inclusion in Open Strategy Julia Hautz, Kurt Matzler, Jonas Sutter, Katja Hutter and Johan Fuller; 6. Inter-organizational strategizing Vincent De Gooyert, Etienne Rouwette and Hans Van Kranenburg; 7. Crowdsourcing in Open Strategy: what can Open Strategy learn from open innovation Arvind Malhotra and Ann Majchrzak; 8. Practices of transparency in Open Strategy: beyond the dichotomy of voluntary and mandatory disclosure Tanja Ohlson and Basak Yakis-Douglas; 9. Orientations of Open Strategy: from resistance to transformation Stefan Haefliger; Part III. Technological Assemblages for Open Strategy: 10. Open Strategy and information technology Josh Morton, Alex Wilson, Robert Galliers and Marco Marabelli; 11. Social media in Open Strategy: a five-flows model of strategy-making and enactment Renee Rottner, Danielle Bovenberg and Paul Leonardi; 12. Visuals in Open Strategy Sotirios Paroutis and Eric Knight; Part IV. Theoretical Perspectives: 13. Practice-theoretical perspectives on Open Strategy: implications of a strong programme Violetta Splitter, David Seidl and Richard Whittington; 14. A sensemaking perspective on Open Strategy Nicolas Bencherki, Joelle Basque and Linda Rouleau; 15. A dialogic perspective on Open Strategy Loizos Heracleous; 16. A social network perspective on Open Strategy Julia Hautz; 17. An institutional perspective on Open Strategy: strategy in world society Jan Goldenstein and Peter Walgenbach; Part V. Challenges of Open Strategy: 18. The politics of openness Stewart Clegg, Mark Van Rijmenam and Jochen Schweitzer; 19. The relation between openness and closure in Open Strategy: programmatic and constitutive approaches to openness Laura Dobusch and Leonhard Dobusch.
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