Greek Elegy and Iambus

Greek Elegy and Iambus

A Selection

Allan, William (McConnell Laing Fellow and Tutor in Classics University College Oxford)

Cambridge University Press






15 a 20 dias

A selection of the work of ten poets with detailed introduction and linguistic, literary and cultural commentary suitable for upper-level undergraduates and graduate students, but also of interest to scholars. Includes some major pieces, such as the recently discovered Plataea elegy of Simonides and Telephus elegy of Archilochus.
Introduction; 1. Elegy and iambus as poetic forms; 2. Performance and mobility; 3. Poets and personae; 4. Society and culture; 5. Language, style, metre; 6. Transmission of the text; Greek elegy and Iambus: A Selection: Archilochus; Semonides; Callinus; Tyrtaeus; Mimnermus; Solon; Theognis; Xenophanes; Hipponax; Simonides; Commentary.