Cambridge Composer Studies

Cambridge Composer Studies

Gloag, Kenneth; Beard, David; Jones, Nicholas

Cambridge University Press






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This collection of essays represents current research on the music of Sir Harrison Birtwistle, reflecting the diversity of his music in terms of periods, genres, forms, techniques and related issues through a wide range of critical, theoretical and analytical interpretations and perspectives.
Preface David Beard, Kenneth Gloag and Nicholas Jones; 1. 'Let it drift': Birtwistle's late-modernist music dramas Arnold Whittall; 2. Mechanical song: Birtwistle's rhythmic imagination Philip Rupprecht; 3. Before the mask: Birtwistle's electronic music collaborations with Peter Zinovieff Tom Hall; 4. Birtwistle's 'eloquently gestural music' Kenneth Gloag; 5. 'The life of my music': what the sketches tell us David Beard; 6. The sound of Raasay: Birtwistle's Hebridean experience Nicholas Jones; 7. Birtwistle and the labyrinthine processional Edward Venn; 8. On taking a walk Aleksandra Vojcic; 9. Gigue machine and other gigs: Birtwistle in Europe and beyond Mark Delaere; 10. Of shadows and mirrors: reflections on Birtwistle in the new millennium Jonathan Cross; Appendix: a selected inventory of Birtwistle manuscripts acquired by the British Library in 2013 David Beard.
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