Cambridge Companions to Philosophy

Cambridge Companions to Philosophy

D'Oro, Giuseppina; Overgaard, Soren

Cambridge University Press






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The volume provides clear and comprehensive coverage of the main methodological debates and approaches within philosophy. The book gives equal weight to analytical and continental approaches, and pays attention to approaches that are often overlooked.
Introduction Soren Overgaard and Giuseppina D'Oro; Part I. Visions Of Philosophy: 1. Doing philosophy Alessandra Tanesini; 2. Philosophy as rational systematization Nicholas Rescher; 3. Sense-making from a human point of view Adrian Moore; 4. Disagreement in philosophy: an optimistic perspective Herman Cappelen; Part II. Conceptual Analysis and the Naturalistic Challenge: 5. Impure conceptual analysis Hans-Johann Glock; 6. What can we do, when we do metaphysics? Amie L. Thomasson; 7. Armchair metaphysics revisited: the three grades of involvement in conceptual analysis Frank Jackson; 8. A naturalistic methodology Hilary Kornblith; 9. What is negative experimental philosophy good for? Joanathan M. Weinberg; Part III. Between Analysis and the Continent: 10. Life-changing metaphysics: rational anthropology and its Kantian methodology Robert Hanna; 11. Collingwood's idealist metaontology: between therapy and armchair science Giuseppina D'oro; 12. Pragmatism and the limits of metaphilosophy Robert B. Talisse; 13. Metaphysical quietism and everyday life David Macarthur; 14. The metaphilosophy of the analytic-continental divide: from history to hope Robert Piercey; Part IV. Continental Perspectives: 15. Phenomenological method and the achievement of recognition: who's been waiting for phenomenology? David R. Cerbone; 16. Existentialist methodology and perspective: writing the first person Jack Reynolds and Patrick Stokes; 17. Hermeneutics and the question of method Kristin Gjesdal; 18. Critical theory's philosophy Fabian Freyenhagen; 19. An extension of deconstructionist methodology Leonard R. Lawlor; 20. Pathological experience: a challenge for transcendental constitution theory? Jean-Luc Petit.
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