Cambridge Companion to Xenophon

Cambridge Companion to Xenophon

Flower, Michael A. (Princeton University, New Jersey)

Cambridge University Press






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Xenophon, the Athenian philosopher and historian, holds a central place in literary and political culture from antiquity to the present. This accessible volume explains the major problems and issues that are at stake in the study of his writings, while simultaneously pointing the way forward to newer methodologies, issues and questions.
Introduction Michael A. Flower; Part I. Contexts: 1. Xenophon and his times John W. I. Lee; 2. Xenophon and Greek philosophy Louis-Andre Dorion; 3. Xenophon and Greek political thought Sarah Brown Ferrario; 4. Xenophon's place in fourth-century Greek historiography Nino Luraghi; Part II. Individual Works: 5. Xenophon's Anabasis and Hellenica John Marincola; 6. Xenophon's Apology and Memorabilia David M. Johnson; 7. Xenophon's Symposium Gabriel Danzig; 8. Xenophon's Oeconomicus Fiona Hobden; 9. Xenophon's Cyropaedia: tentative answers to an enigma Melina Tamiolaki; 10. Xenophon: the small works John Dillery; Part III. Techniques: 11. Xenophon's language and expression Vivienne Gray; 12. Xenophon's authorial voice Christopher Pelling; 13. Xenophon's narrative style Tim Rood; 14. The character and function of speeches in Xenophon Emily Baragwanath; Part IV. Major Subjects: 15. Xenophon as a historian Michael A. Flower; 16. Xenophon on leadership Richard Fernando Buxton; 17. Xenophon and Athens Christopher Tuplin; 18. Xenophon on Persia Kostas Vlassopoulos; 19. Xenophon's views on Sparta Paul Christesen; Part V. Reception and Influence: 20. Xenophon's influence in Imperial Greece Ewen Bowie; 21. Xenophon and the instruction of princes Noreen Humble; 22. Xenophon's changing fortunes in the modern world Tim Rood; Epilogue: 23. Xenophon: magician and friend Edith Hall; Important dates in the life of Xenophon.
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