Linguistic Ecology and Language Contact

Linguistic Ecology and Language Contact

Pagel, Steve (Martin Luther-Universitat Halle-Wittenburg, Germany); Ludwig, Ralph (Martin Luther-Universitat Halle-Wittenburg, Germany); Muhlhausler, Peter (University of Adelaide)

Cambridge University Press






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This volume explores the role of linguistic ecology in the study of language contact. Bringing together an international team of experts, it offers a theoretical overview, followed by ten case studies on contact situations around the world, covering Europe, the Americas, Africa, the Indian Ocean, Asia, Australia and the Pacific.
Part I. Introduction and Theoretical Frame: 1. Linguistic ecology and language contact: conceptual evolution, interrelatedness, and parameters Ralph Ludwig, Peter Muhlhausler and Steve Pagel; 2. On the notion of natural in ecological linguistics Francoise Gadet and Steve Pagel; Part II. On the Ecology of Speaker and Space from Situational to Intermediate Ecology: 3. An interactionist perspective on the ecology of linguistic practices: the situated and embodied production of talk Lorenza Mondada; 4. Approaching language in urban interactions ecologically: the case of Spanish in Lima Juan Carlos Godenzzi; Part III. On the Ecology of Space and Time, Traditions in the Formation of Macro-Ecologies: 5. The historical formation of a macro-ecology: the case of the Levant Cyril Aslanov; 6. Spanish anthroponomy from an ecological linguistic view: the Antillean society in the early sixteenth century Silke Jansen; Part IV. On the Ecology of Language and Speaker, the Hybridization of Language and Discourse: 7. Reflections on discourse ecology and language contact: the crucial role of some scalar terms Sibylle Kriegel, Ralph Ludwig and Tabea Salzmann; 8. Language mixing and ecology in Africa: focus on Camfranglais and Sheng Anne Schroeder and Philip W. Rudd; 9. Hybrid speech of Francophone groups in Cairo: from macro-level ecology to discourse Cynthia Dermarkar, Francoise Gadet, Ralph Ludwig and Stefan Pfander; 10. The opposite of an anti-Creole? Why modern Chamorro is not a new language Steve Pagel; Part V. The Multiplicity of Ecological Parameters, Echoing the Theoretical Frame and Going Beyond: 11. Contact between typologically different languages Peter Muhlhausler; 12. Theoretical and practical aspects of ecological language planning Peter Muhlhausler.
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