Byron in Context

Byron in Context

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Part I. Life and Works: 1. Early years Jonathan Gross; 2. The years of fame Diego Saglia; 3. Exile Jane Stabler; 4. Texts and editions Tom Mole; 5. Byron and his publishers Mary O'Connell; 6. Piracies, fakes and forgeries Gary Dyer; Part II. Political, Social and Intellectual Transformations: 7. Politics John Beckett; 8. War Neil Ramsey; 9. Greece's Byron Spiridoula Demetriou; 10. Byron's Italy Timothy Webb; 11. Orientalism Gerard Cohen-Vrignaud; 12. Religion Christine Kenyon Jones; 13. Natural philosophy Thomas H. Ford; 14. Sexuality Richard C. Sha; 15. Libertinism Adam Komisaruk; 16. Fashion, self-fashioning and the body Laura J. George; Part III. Literary Cultures: 17. Classicism and neoclassicism Bernard Beatty; 18. Epic (and historiography) Carla Pomare; 19. Romance Omar F. Miranda; 20. Byron's lyric practice Anna Camilleri; 21. Satire Mark Canuel; 22. The Satanic School Mirka Horova; 23. The Lake Poets Madeleine Callaghan; 24. Byron's accidental muse: Robert Southey Susan J. Wolfson; 25. 'Benign ceruleans of the second sex!': Byron and the Bluestockings Caroline Franklin; 26. The Pisan Circle and the Cockney School Maria Schoina; 27. Drama and theatre Rolf P. Lessenich; 28. Autobiography Alan Rawes; 29. 'Literatoor', literary theory and critical practice Clara Tuite; 30. Periodical culture, the literary review and the mass media Andrew Franta; Part IV. Reception and Afterlives: 31. Contemporary critical reception to 1824 William Christie; 32. Byron, radicals and reformers Jason Goldsmith; 33. European reception Peter Vassallo; 34. Recollections, conversations and biographies Julian North; 35. Posthumous reception and re-invention to 1900 Eric Eisner; 36. Popular culture Lindsey Eckert; 37. Byron now Ghislaine McDayter.
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