Beyond Politics

Beyond Politics

The Private Governance Response to Climate Change

Vandenbergh, Michael P. (Vanderbilt University, Tennessee); Gilligan, Jonathan M. (Vanderbilt University, Tennessee)

Cambridge University Press






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An optimistic view of the climate problem, drawing on law, policy, and social science to show how the private sector can bypass government gridlock, reducing carbon emissions by a billion tons annually. This book will appeal to scholars, business and advocacy group managers, policymakers, and anyone interested in climate change.
Part I. Setting the Table: 1. Introduction; 2. The climate challenge; 3. The governance challenge; Part II. Private Governance: 4. The private governance opportunity; 5. The corporate sector; 6. The household sector; 7. Cross-cutting initiatives; Part III. Next Steps: 8. Objections; 9. New directions and extensions; 10. Conclusion.
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