Business and Human Rights

Business and Human Rights

Beyond the End of the Beginning

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction. A dialogue across divides in the business and human rights field Cesar Rodriguez-Garavito; Part I. Global Governance Meets Business and Human Rights: Conceptual Debates and Regulatory Alternatives: 1. Business and human rights: beyond the end of the beginning Cesar Rodriguez-Garavito; 2. Regulating multinationals: the UN guiding principles, civil society, and international legalization John Ruggie; 3. Time to move beyond the 'present': the guiding principles, a treaty or a UN declaration on business and human rights? Surya Deva; 4. Putting 'human rights' back into the UN guiding principles and international law on business and human rights: shifting frames and embedding participation rights Tara J. Melish; 5. From guiding principles to interpretive organizations: developing a framework for applying the UNGPs to disputes that institutionalizes the advocacy role of civil society Larry Cata Backer; 6. A treaty on business and human rights? A recurring debate in a new governance landscape Claret Vargas; Part II. The Practice of Business and Human Rights: Advocacy and Regulatory Strategies: 7. Shifting power on business and human rights: states, corporations and civil society in global governance Chris Jochnick; 8. Always in all ways: ensuring business respect for human rights through national action plans and inter-governmental regulatory frameworks Amol Mehra; 9. Business and human rights: moving beyond the beginning Louis Bickford; 10. Regulatory environment on business and human rights: paths at the international level and ideas about the roles for civil society groups Juana Kweitel; 11. Committing the crime of poverty: the next phase of the business and human rights debate Bonita Meyersfeld; Conclusion. Whither the human rights movement? An ecosystemic view Cesar Rodriguez-Garavito; Index.
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