Building Democracy in the Yugoslav Successor States

Building Democracy in the Yugoslav Successor States

Accomplishments, Setbacks, and Challenges since 1990

Listhaug, Ola; Hassenstab, Christine; Ramet, Sabrina

Cambridge University Press






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Written by leading authorities on the politics of Eastern and Southeastern Europe, this comprehensive analysis details how the Yugoslav successor states have coped with the challenges of building democracy since 1990. The volume identifies the chief problems and obstacles, debates and policy choices, and achievements and controversies since the breakup of socialist Yugoslavia.
Table of contents; Preface; List of tables; Part I. Introduction and Theory: 1. The challenge of democratization: an introduction Sabrina P. Ramet; 2. Post-Yugoslav patterns of democratization Florian Bieber; 3. The importance of tolerance: intolerance and its consequences in the Yugoslav successor states Zachary T. Irwin; 4. Institutional trust in the Yugoslav successor states: a comparative approach Karin Dyrstad and Ola Listhaug; 5. Political culture in the Yugoslav successor states Andrej Kirbis and Sergej Flere; 6. The impact of the ICTY on democratization in the Yugoslav successor states Jovana Mihajlovic Trbovc and Vladimir Petrovic; Part II. Country Studies: 7. Building democracy in Serbia: one step forward, three steps back Jelena Subotic; 8. Building democracy in Croatia since 1990 Dunja Melcic; 9. A durable oligarchy: Bosnia and Herzegovina's false postwar democratic transition Kurt Bassuener; 10. Liberal democracy in Slovenia: from seventh heaven to the lobby of hell in only two decades Alenka Krasovec and Sabrina P. Ramet; 11. Macedonia's post-Yugoslav reality: corruption, wiretapping, and stolen elections Sabrina P. Ramet; 12. Building democracy in the Western Balkans: the case of Kosovo Vladimir Dordevic; 13. The trajectory and parameters of democratic transition in Montenegro Kenneth Morrison; 14. Building democracy in Vojvodina Angela Ilic; Part III. Conclusion: 15. Where does Europe end? A conclusion Christine M. Hassenstab; About the editors and contributors; For further reading.
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