Building Democracy in the Yugoslav Successor States

Building Democracy in the Yugoslav Successor States

Accomplishments, Setbacks, and Challenges since 1990

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Table of contents; Preface; List of tables; Part I. Introduction and Theory: 1. The challenge of democratization: an introduction Sabrina P. Ramet; 2. Post-Yugoslav patterns of democratization Florian Bieber; 3. The importance of tolerance: intolerance and its consequences in the Yugoslav successor states Zachary T. Irwin; 4. Institutional trust in the Yugoslav successor states: a comparative approach Karin Dyrstad and Ola Listhaug; 5. Political culture in the Yugoslav successor states Andrej Kirbis and Sergej Flere; 6. The impact of the ICTY on democratization in the Yugoslav successor states Jovana Mihajlovic Trbovc and Vladimir Petrovic; Part II. Country Studies: 7. Building democracy in Serbia: one step forward, three steps back Jelena Subotic; 8. Building democracy in Croatia since 1990 Dunja Melcic; 9. A durable oligarchy: Bosnia and Herzegovina's false postwar democratic transition Kurt Bassuener; 10. Liberal democracy in Slovenia: from seventh heaven to the lobby of hell in only two decades Alenka Krasovec and Sabrina P. Ramet; 11. Macedonia's post-Yugoslav reality: corruption, wiretapping, and stolen elections Sabrina P. Ramet; 12. Building democracy in the Western Balkans: the case of Kosovo Vladimir Dordevic; 13. The trajectory and parameters of democratic transition in Montenegro Kenneth Morrison; 14. Building democracy in Vojvodina Angela Ilic; Part III. Conclusion: 15. Where does Europe end? A conclusion Christine M. Hassenstab; About the editors and contributors; For further reading.
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