Buddhism, Politics and Political Thought in Myanmar

Buddhism, Politics and Political Thought in Myanmar

Walton, Matthew J. (St Antony's College, Oxford)

Cambridge University Press






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Matthew J. Walton provides the first broad overview of the ways in which Buddhist ideas have influenced political thinking and politics in Myanmar. He explains multiple Burmese understandings of notions such as 'democracy' and 'political participation' that are crucial to understanding political dynamics in the country's current remarkable transition.
Introduction; 1. A brief political history and cast of characters; 2. Building blocks of a moral universe; 3. On human nature and the nature of politics; 4. Order and freedom/liberation: purposes of politics; 5. What is 'politics' and what constitutes 'participation'?; 6. Discipline, rights, and morality: 'democracy' in contemporary Myanmar; Conclusion.
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