Britain's Pacification of Palestine

Britain's Pacification of Palestine

The British Army, the Colonial State, and the Arab Revolt, 1936-1939

Hughes, Matthew

Cambridge University Press






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List of Illustrations; 1. Framing the Arab Revolt; 2. The emergency state in mandate Palestine; 3. Rebels and revolt; 4. From insurgency to banditry; 5. The regiments arrive; 6. Screwing down the population; 7. Intelligence and collaboration; 8. Dirty wars and extra-judicial violence; Afterword: policy, violence, and the Arab revolt; Appendix A: order-of-battle; Appendix B: casualties; Appendix C: women and violence; Appendix D: sartorial wars; Appendix E: dramatis personae and the Arab Higher Committee; Appendix F: currency and wages; Appendix G: the escapes of al-Qawuqji and Hajj Amin; Bibliography; Index.
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