Britain and Italy in the Era of the Great War

Britain and Italy in the Era of the Great War

Defending and Forging Empires

Marcuzzi, Stefano

Cambridge University Press






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List of Figures; List of Maps; Introduction; Part I. Making the Anglo-Italian Entente (1914-1915): 1. Context; 2. Traditional Friendship; 3. Crumbling Principles; 4. Pushing Friendship into Alliance; 5. The Contested Treaty; Part II. Integrating Italy into the Triple Entente (Spring 1915 - Summer 1917): 6. Context; 7. Turning Papers into Policies: the Implementation of the London Treaty; 8. Dealing with Recalcitrant Allies: Shaping Italy's War; 9. Peripheral Competition; 10. Shaping Allied Grand Strategy; 11. Italy's Empire Project Accepted; Part III. The Forked Road to Victory and Peace (Autumn 1917 - Summer 1919): 12. Context; 13. Clash of Responsibilities: the Caporetto Crisis; 14. Response to Military Emergencies: Keeping Italy Alive; 15. Re-Shaping Allied Grand Strategy; 16. Propaganda as a Strategy; 17. Divided at the Finish Line; 18. Versailles 1919: Italy's Empire Project Repudiated; 19. Epilogue: Bloody Christmas in Fiume; 20. Conclusions; Bibliography and Sources; Index.
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