Brexit Britain

Brexit Britain

The Consequences of the Vote to Leave the European Union

Stewart, Marianne C.; Goodwin, Matthew; Whiteley, Paul; Clarke, Harold D.

Cambridge University Press






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Part I. The Short Term: 1. Welcome to Brexit Britain; 2. Getting Brexit done; 3. Political paralysis - The 2017 general election; 4. The collapsing party system - The 2019 European elections; 5. The Johnson break through - The 2019 general election; Part II. The Long Term: 6. Time and the fragmenting party system; 7. Space and the fragmenting party system; 8. Who is responsible? The dynamics of accountability; Part III. The Future: 9. A disaster or a damp squib? The economic effects of Brexit; 10. Brexit Britain, Covid Britain - The political fallout.
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