Brain Fables

Brain Fables

The Hidden History of Neurodegenerative Diseases and a Blueprint to Conquer Them

Stecher, Benjamin; Espay, Alberto

Cambridge University Press






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Preface; Acknowledgements; 1. The shaky six and the 'second reality'; 2. Pieces of a puzzle?; 3. Disease 'redefinition': a tough pill to swallow; 4. Disease subtypes: the promise and the fallacy; 5. Protein paradox; 6. The fault in our models; 7. Biomarkers: the promise and the fallacy; 8. Lessons from oncology; 9. Symptomatic vs. disease-modifying therapies; 10. The hypothesis that refuses to die; 11. Our living dissonance; 12. The scientific and lay narratives; 13. Challenges viewed from afar; 14. The moonshot: population-based studies of aging; 15. Predictions for the 2020s and beyond; Epilogue. 'When will we have a cure for Parkinson's disease?"; Note added at press time; References; Index.
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