Black Women and International Law

Black Women and International Law

Deliberate Interactions, Movements and Actions

Cambridge University Press






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1. Judge Gabrielle Kirk McDonald: a biographical note Jeremy I. Levitt; 2. Passing reflections on my journey for justice Gabrielle Kirk McDonald; Part I. Leadership, Human Rights and Peace-Building: 3. Writing black women into political leadership: reflection, trends and contradictions Carole Boyce-Davies; 4. The international human rights of black women: justice or just us? Adrien Wing; 4. Gender parity in the AU women's protocol Fatou Kine Camara; 5. Law, peace construction and women's rights in Africa: who will safeguard Abeena and Afia? Jeremy I. Levitt; 6. Black women and peacebuilding in international law Anna Spain; Part II. Black Women's Movements: 7. African American women on the world stage: the fourth world conference on women - Beijing Linda Greene; 8. Black women and reparations movements Adjoa Aiyetoro; 9. The work of African women to confront the challenge of climate change Erika George; Part III. Feminine Sovereignty: 10. Black women and reproductive health: a normative inquiry Judith Scully; 11. The nature of black female 'things'; the nature of choice: a meditation on Saartjie Baartman and Truganini Karen Bravo; 12. The transactional costs of transnational sex workers: old regimes, new norms Eleanor Brown.
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