Bio-Inspired Structures and Design

Bio-Inspired Structures and Design


Cambridge University Press






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Part I. Materials: 1. Introduction to Bio-Inspired Design Wole Soboyejo, Ali Salifu and Manu Mannoor; 2. Human Cortical Bone as a Structural Material: Hierarchical Design and Biological Degradation Robert Ritchie and Elizabeth A. Zimmermann; 3. Bio-Inspiration from Nacre Nima Rahbar and Sina Askarinejad; 4. Bio-Inspiration from Bamboo Ting Tan and Wole Soboyejo; Part II. Structures: 5. Bio-Inspired Underwater Propulsion Alexander (Lex) Smits, Tyler Van Buren and Daniel Floryan; 6. Bio-Inspired Design of Dental Multilayers Xinrui Nui, Jing Du and Wole Soboyejo; 7. Bionic Organs Manu Sebastian Mannoor, Yasamin Aliashrafi Jodat and Kiavash Kiaee; 8. Bio-Inspired Design for Energy Storage Devices Iwnetim Abate and Loza Tadesse; 9. Bio-Inspired Design of Nanostructures Nicolas Anuku, John Obayemi, O.S. Odusanya, S. Dozie-Nwachukwu, K. Malatesta, Wole Soboyejo and Dr. Dickens Saint-Hilaire; Part III. Natural Phenomena: 10. Biomimetic Fluid Dynamic Applications Based on Designs Inspired by Animals Operating at High Reynolds Numbers Frank Fish; 11. Flying of Insects Bo Cheng; 12. Surface Wetting Tak Sing Wong, Birgitt Boschitsch Stogin and Lin Wang; 13. Bio-Inspired Robotics Yantao Shen and Wanliang Shan; 14. Bio-Inspired Building Envelopes Steven Van Dessel; Index.
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