Binomials in the History of English

Binomials in the History of English

Fixed and Flexible

Kopaczyk, Joanna; Sauer, Hans

Cambridge University Press






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1. Defining and exploring binomials Joanna Kopaczyk and Hans Sauer; Part I. Old English: 2. Pragmatic and stylistic functions of binomials in Old English R. D. Fulk; 3. Fixity and flexibility in Wulfstan's binomials Don Chapman; 4. Binomials, word pairs and variation as a feature of style in Old English poetry Michiko Ogura; 5. Binomials or not? Double glosses in Farman's gloss to the Rushworth Gospels Tadashi Kotake; 6. Lexical pairs and their function in the Eadwine Psalter manuscript Paulina Zagorska; Part II. Middle English: 7. Binomials in Middle English poetry: Havelok, Ywain and Gawain, The Canterbury Tales Ulrike Schenk; 8. Binomials in Caxton's Ovid (Book I) Elisabeth Kubaschewski; 9. Binomial glosses in translation: the case of the Wycliffite Bible Marcin Krygier; Part III. Early Modern English: 10. Binomials in several editions of the Kalender of Shepherdes, an Early Modern English almanac Hanna Rutkowska; 11. Binomials and multinomials in Sir Thomas Elyot's The Boke Named The Gouernour Melanie Sprau; 12. 'I do make and ordayne this my last wyll and testament in maner and forme Folowing': functions of binomials in Early Modern English Protestant wills Ulrich Bach; 13. 'Shee gave Selfe both Soule and body to the Devill': the use of binomials in the Salem witchcraft trials of 1692 Kathleen L. Doty and Mark Wicklund; 14. Binomials and multinomials in early modern English parliamentary acts Anu Lehto; Part IV. To the Present: 15. Developments in the frequency of English binomials, 1600-2000 Sandra Mollin; 16. Binomials in English novels of the late modern period: fixedness, formulaicity and style Jukka Tyrkkoe; 17. On the linguistic and social development of a binomial: the example of to have and to hold Ursula Schaefer.
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