Beyond US Hegemony in International Development

Beyond US Hegemony in International Development

The Contest for Influence at the World Bank

Xu, Jiajun (Peking University, Beijing)

Cambridge University Press






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This book is a study of China's increasing influence over the US hegemonic architecture of international financial institutions. It will be a valuable read for academics and scholars studying international financial institutions and US-China relations, and for policy-makers concerned with the inner workings of the World Bank and China's influence over international aid.
Introduction; 1. IDA burden-sharing: the unresolved puzzle; 2. Three power plays behind the politics of IDA burden-sharing; 3. IDA in the 1960s: hegemonic leadership amid bipolar geopolitics; 4. IDA in the 1970s: a turbulent era with accelerated burden-shifting; 5. IDA in the 1980s: the rise and retreat of the 'Reagan revolution'; 6. IDA in the 1990s: the struggle for power and fairness in a unipolar world; 7. IDA in the new millennium: leadership in transition?; 8. China's ascendancy: influence from within and impact from outside; Conclusion; Bibliography.
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